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Affordable Sales Expertise for Emerging Growth & Startup Companies

Emerging growth and Startup businesses must be especially frugal and pragmatic until they reach a revenue-critical mass that affords them the luxury of hiring their own experts.  The best way for an emerging growth business to grow and do it cost-effectively is to find experts through fractional Sales and Marketing sources that help you access the best talent at an affordable price

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Chief Revenue Officer Deployment

Our fractional Chief Revenue Officer qualified staff will help you execute the sales and marketing plans to reach and or exceed the revenue and profit goals

Our approach is to provide strategy and direction to the C-Suite, two key elements that are critical for companies in startup and early stages of development. Beyond serving as an addition to the C-suite, we provide advice and hands-on support to the CEO on related business issues and opportunities, managing strategic initiatives, conducting strategy workshops, coaching/mentoring staffers, and or conducting other assessments.